PhonePe Ethics
Code of Conduct
A message from our Chief Executive Officer

The PhonePe Group of Companies is committed to complying with the letter and spirit of regional, national and international laws and regulations and to conduct ourselves ethically with humility, honesty and integrity. PhonePe’s objective is to maintain the outstanding reputation for trustworthiness we have achieved over the years.

Regardless of where each of us works, this Code of Conduct is the guide to exemplifying integrity as a PhonePe employee. It’s a daily resource for making honest, fair and objective decisions while operating in compliance with all laws and our policies. This Code of Conduct applies to me, the board of directors and all employees at every level of our organization.

Through your ethical behavior and willingness to speak up for the highest standards, we earn and keep the trust of our customers, each other and our local communities. PhonePe will be the catalyst for building the next generation of digital payment infrastructure, but only if accomplished through our everyday integrity.

Thank you for your commitment to our Code of Conduct. It means more than making ethical decisions; it demonstrates you care about PhonePe, our reputation and our customers.

Sameer Nigam

Code of Conduct
Read our Code of Conduct to better understand our company's values and policies regarding ethical conduct.
Code of Conduct